In today’s era of advancing technology and increasing environmental awareness, the integration of solar panels with smart home systems and mobile apps represents a powerful synergy between sustainability and convenience. When combined with technology, solar panels offer not only reduced energy bills but also enhanced control, efficiency, and sustainability for homeowners. Which helps you optimize solar power.

Smart energy management systems can provide homeowners with detailed insights into their energy production and usage patterns. This visibility allows for informed decision-making, such as scheduling high-energy tasks like laundry or charging electric vehicles during peak solar generation times.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the emerging technologies that will help you optimize solar power for your home.

1. SPAN Distribution Panel

Our team recently attended a training about SPAN Distribution Panels, and we think they’re a game-changer. Which is why we couldn’t wait to share more about them with you.

According to SPAN’s website, a SPAN Panel “replaces your existing electrical panel and turns any home into a smart home. Take control over every circuit, and get money saving energy usage insights, all from the SPAN Home App.” 

Not only that, but they claim to help homeowners optimize energy — or optimize solar power — in three ways:

  • Save on energy: SPAN intelligence automatically finds ways to lower your energy bill.
  • Unparalleled visibility: Manage energy costs, circuit by circuit from the SPAN Home App.
  • Seamless installation: Connect with category-leading storage systems and legacy hardware.

With SPAN, you never have to worry about “wasting” a watt — one centralized dashboard helps you control every single circuit in your home, from just your phone. And not only that, but by connecting to your solar and/or battery systems, you can prioritize energy loads and get a 40% longer-lasting battery backup.

(Plus, SPAN panels may be eligible for the Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credit when part of your solar panel installation — Kansas City, are you listening? 👀)

2. Franklin Home Power Solutions

Franklin Home Power (FHP) is another tool we recently learned about, and we’re super excited to share more info. Created by FranklinWH, this comprehensive home energy management and storage solution meets the growing market demand for a stable and environmentally conscious home energy supply. 

At its core, FHP combines intelligent energy management with robust storage capabilities to revolutionize how households consume and store power. Storing excess energy has become paramount for maximizing efficiency and optimizing solar power generated. 

Home batteries, integral components of these systems, allow homeowners to store surplus solar energy generated during peak production hours for later use, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even during less productive periods.

But a battery alone isn’t enough. An intelligent management system is essential to regulate energy flow, ensuring safety and reliability. With Franklin Home Power, this household solution that seamlessly integrates with solar panels, batteries, the grid, and even unique household loads. By balancing energy sources, you’re guaranteed a stable and sustainable power supply tailored to your needs.

3. Various Solar Panel Monitoring Apps

In such a connected society, it’s no surprise that solar customers would want to have an up-close-and-personal relationship with their solar energy systems. Our smart phones and watches have allowed us to track, monitor, and analyze nearly any kind of personal data imaginable. Including our solar panels — helping us to optimize solar power like never before.

One of the most popular solar panel monitoring apps that our KC Solar clients love is the Energy Monitoring & Analysis (EMA) App. It’s great for tracking their solar array performance in real time through their mobile devices.

Not only can you see a graphic representation of your solar panels and their individual performances. But you can also track your system’s output at a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even lifetime level. 

It also helps calculate energy savings and environmental savings — broken down in terms of gasoline gallons, trees, and CO2 emissions.

Looking for the best solar panel monitoring app for you? Be sure to also check out:

  • MySolarEdge Monitoring App
  • Enlighten App from Enphase
  • Fronius Solar.web App
  • SMA Sunny Portal App

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