Are you currently living in Missouri and have had issues with your HOA approving solar panel installation on YOUR house? Lucky for you, that is now a thing of the past!

Previously, HOAs have complained about the dated, traditional look of solar panels, which is why they are commonly denied. Learn more about recent legislation in Missouri that has given homeowners the right to go solar, and new solar technology that even your HOA will love!

Can HOA Deny Solar Panels in Missouri?

In recent Missouri state legislation, a new bill (SB 820) was passed on June 29th, 2022 that would prevent your homeowners association from banning the installation and use of solar panels. This new bill will go into effect on January 1, 2023.

An HOA may adopt reasonable rules and regulations regarding the placement of solar panels or solar collectors to the extent those rules do not prevent the installation of the device or adversely affect its functioning, use, cost, or efficiency.

“My bill is really about strengthening property owners’ rights,” Senator Eric Burlison said. “An individual should be able to make productive use of their property. If that means collecting electricity on your property, that’s fantastic.”

Homeowners associations may, however, enact reasonable rules regarding the placement of solar panels or other solar collection devices as long as the rules do not prevent the installation of solar collection devices or impair the functioning, use or efficiency of solar collection devises.

This does not apply to condominiums or other communities in which the roofs are not owned, maintained or controlled by the homeowners.

Innovative Solar Options Even Your HOA Will Love

There are currently 19,220 solar panels installed all around Missouri. With this bill passed, millions of homeowners across Missouri will be able to join in the energy-saving efforts.

The biggest concern HOA’s have about rooftop solar is the outdated, blue-tinted appearance. However, there are so many modern options for homeowners to choose from that look tasteful and attractive.

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles look like regular roof shingles,  but offer more durability and help produce electricity.

Since solar shingles blend right into roofing materials, many prefer this look rather than traditional panels.

However, traditional solar panels can generate between 22-23% efficiency, solar shingles only reach around 14%.


A new innovative form of solar panels is known as “flotovoltaics” — a portmanteau of “float” and “photovoltaics” — these solar panel arrays are installed on a body of water.

These panels are estimated to be 8-10% more efficient than land-based solar plants because the water acts as a natural coolant to the panels.

Additionally, flotovoltaics help to shade the water, which inhibits algae growth. Not only are you saving with solar energy, but you can also make water healthier!

Solar Fabric

Solar fabric is just as it sounds,  a fabric embedded with photovoltaic cells to generate electricity.

Unlike classic panels, solar fabric can bend and fit to any type of surface. It’s also ten times lighter, and lasts up to 20 years.

Solar fabric captures less energy than other solar options at 13%-18%, but does a better job at adapting to temperature change and cloudy days.

Solar fabric is still in the testing phase, so it is not available to homeowners yet. But with more innovating and testing in the future, the sky is the limit when it comes to solar energy!

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