You may already know many of the best reasons for making the switch to solar panels. It’s great for the environment, it can save you tons of money, and it’s a smart financial choice for those looking toward retirement. But it turns out that going solar — especially when you choose to work with a local solar company — is more than just a move toward becoming energy independent. It’s a way to put energy back in your hands. Making it personal.

Learn how solar energy is like our ancestors discovering fire and how energy independence gives us the personalization we deserve.

Why Solar Is the Modern Discovery of Fire

According to Harvard-educated PhD physicist Scott Nguyen in his 2019 TEDxTalk, the average American spends only 8 minutes per year thinking about energy. Why is that? It’s because many of us take it for granted.

Dr. Nguyen turns the conversation to solar energy, and he makes a bold statement: Not only is solar a “game-changer” when it comes to clean energy. He likens it to the “modern discovery of fire.”

Solar skeptics may claim it’s just another form of electricity. Even those who support solar may see it as just another way to generate clean energy. But Dr. Nguyen’s central argument as to why solar is different is that it puts power generation back in the hands of the people.

Just as our ancestors discovered fire and used it to shape the future of civilization, modern people have access to solar power and are installing solar panels on their own homes across the country and the world. It’s like each person has their own power plant, giving them a personal relationship with energy that many of us may have only spent less than one minute per month thinking about before. (Maybe when we pay our monthly electricity bill.)

Making Energy Personal

When it comes to the reasons for going solar, energy independence is often at the top of solar customers’ lists. You don’t have to look far in order to find examples of how energy independence can be beneficial to any homeowner.

Looking back to earlier this year, Texas experienced an unprecedented winter storm with wide-reaching effects — even for those of us in Missouri and Kansas. Many of us were impacted by the failure of the Texas power grid.

Here’s why: Texas relies heavily on natural gas energy to produce electricity. During the consistently sub-freezing temperatures that lasted from days to weeks, the wells froze, leaving many customers without power. Meanwhile, here in Kansas City, our very own airport was hit with an astronomically high electricity bill: a whopping $2.4 million.

With solar panels, things like this are no longer your problem. Even when situations aren’t as extreme as the example above. As you go through daily life, you’ll never be subject to your utility company’s price increases. Keep in mind that electricity prices have risen by an average of 3% per year over the past decade, and there are no signs this trend is changing any time soon.

By going solar, you’re not the only one who is becoming energy independent, either. If more Americans continue shifting to solar energy systems, it can lead to the U.S. as a whole becoming more energy independent as well.

Currently, the majority of energy in America is sourced from oil, natural gas and coal. In many cases, we rely on foreign countries to supply these resources. This can lead to complicated relationships with these foreign powers, which can have unintended consequences.

Put Your Energy in Local Hands

Switching to solar energy makes it personal for you. As Dr. Nguyen said in his TEDxTalk, the power is in your hands — physically and metaphorically.

Now, take this a step further by making the choice to work with a local solar company.

When you work with a local solar company, you’re ensuring your energy system is as personal as it can possibly be. You’ll get a 100% personalized, customized solar system for your home. With national solar installers or larger corporations, they are likely to be more interested in applying a cookie-cutter solar solution in order to do the least amount of work.

But your local solar company will be on the ground with you to create the best solar system for you. And with a good solar company, this relationship will last through the length of your system — not just until they finish installation on your project.

Another benefit of going local: you can be sure you aren’t dealing with a “middleman” when it comes to your solar project. Larger solar corporations may have many employees and different departments. But your local solar company likely has just a few, dedicated employees. That means that you’re working with the same people from start to finish, eliminating many communication hurdles in the process.

Again, making sure you have control over your own energy in the end. Because it’s personal to you — and it should be.

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