Going solar is a big decision, and there are plenty of other decisions to make. While it may feel overwhelming at first, the numerous benefits of a home solar system — energy independence, lower electric bills, contributing to sustainability — certainly make it all feel worth it. But one of the most important decisions you make as a solar customer is deciding who to hire: a large, national installer, or a local solar company near you?

Both options may have their pros and cons. But as a local solar company in Kansas City, we’re here to explain why choosing a local company can pay off in more ways than one. 

Better Prices

When it comes to going solar, one of the main benefits is the future return on investment. Everyone wants to save money. But sometimes, the idea of investing in solar panels can be intimidating because of the cost.

Not only do local solar companies sometimes offer special pricing (like our $0 down loans at KC Solar), but the price of solar panel systems from local companies is often more affordable. A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) showed that large solar installers — those that installed more than 1,000 systems per year — quoted prices 10% higher than the prices quoted by local solar installers. 

Here are a few of the factors responsible for the difference, according to the study:

Large Firms

  • More homogeneous price behavior
  • Preference for setting prices to ensure minimum return
  • Opportunity to earn premiums in nascent markets
  • More likely to use market share goals to determine pricing

Small Firms

  • More heterogeneous price behavior
  • Greater responsive to market conditions and policy changes
  • More likely to use cash flow goals to determine pricing
  • More likely to site fair pricing (i.e., fair price for the customer) as an important price driver

Customer Satisfaction Is Key

When you hire a national solar installer, you may be taking a chance on the quality of your solar project. Large companies often have larger profit margins they need to meet. As a result, they may use cheaper, lower-quality materials in order to turn a bigger profit. However, local solar companies often have a different approach when it comes to pricing — we want you to be happy with the price of your installation as well as the quality!

Local solar companies are likely to care more about the work they do, because for us, it’s personal. Our high-quality materials, installation teams, and customer satisfaction standards mean that you’re always getting 110% from us. We’ll get to know you and be by your side from the very beginning of your solar project. To the end. And into the future. Your happiness is personal to us.

And our customers’ happiness isn’t the only thing we care about — our reputation in the community is extremely important. While a national installer may not care as much about a local reputation… for local installers, it’s everything. 

You’re in Charge

Working with a local solar company means that you’ll get a 100% personalized, customized solar system for your home. Unlike national solar installers, which may be more interested in applying a cookie-cutter solar solution in order to do the least amount of work, your local solar company will be on the ground with you to create the best solar system for you. 

And that extends through the life of your system — not just until the installation is complete. A good local solar company will maintain a relationship with you for years to come.

Plus, when you hire a local company, you can be sure you aren’t dealing with a “middleman” when it comes to your solar project. While larger solar installers may have many employees and different departments, your local solar company likely has just a few, dedicated employees. That means that you’re working with the same people from start to finish, eliminating many communication hurdles in the process.

Invest in Your Community

By choosing a local solar company for your solar installation project, you’re supporting a local business as well as your own community. While it’s always been a good idea to support local businesses, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has made that even more important as local businesses work to stay afloat amongst a struggling national economy.

Just as your local solar company sees their work as an investment into your community — providing green, renewable energy and lower electric bills for our neighbors — choosing to hire local companies ensures that your money stays within your community, making the local economy stronger. That money can be reinvested into the community in so many different ways.

And many local solar companies source their materials from other local companies, which means you’re making an impact in more ways than one.

Your Local Solar Team in KC

If you are looking for the best solar company in Kansas City, look no further than KC Solar. They are your local Kansas City solar panel installation experts. Once you schedule a no-pressure site visit, our experts will help you understand what solar system specifications would be best for your home or business.

KC Solar is the only local solar company in Kansas City with KC natives who own and operate the daily activities of the business. What does that mean for you? We care about you because we care about this city, and we only want the best for it.

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