If you’re looking to go solar, you might be wondering what type of solar system is the best choice for you. There are quite a few things to take into consideration, from what company to choose, financing decisions, and even which type of solar installation to choose. While ground mounted solar panels are not a possibility for everyone, for those who do have it as an option, we will be focusing on a few of the factors to determine if ground mounted system is the best choice for you.

Efficiency of Ground Mounted Solar Panels

One of the main reasons you might be looking at ground mounted solar panels, as opposed to roof mounted solar panels, is because they are typically more efficient. There are a few main reasons for this, and each one may (or may not) apply to your situation.

Orientation and Pitch of Solar Panels

Your roof is great for keeping rain and snow off your head, but that doesn’t mean it is appropriately positioned to gather the most sunlight throughout the day. In fact, it might be the opposite, having rooflines that primarily face east and west, rather than south, which would receive the most sunlight throughout the day. In addition, there is also the pitch of your roof to take into consideration.

Ground mounted systems are often better optimized because they are able to take these factors into account. They can be built facing in the best compass direction for gathering sunlight, as well as at the optimal degree of tilt for your location.

Ventilation Boost for Solar Panels

Solar panels, as with most all electronics, are more efficient the cooler they are. So how do we keep a system cool when it is soaking up the hot sun all day? Proper ventilation. Solar panels installed on roofs are only have a gap of a few inches between the bottom and the roof, meaning there is little space for proper ventilation.

Ground mounted solar panels, however, have a few feet between the bottom and the ground. This means there is plenty of room for air to circulate around them freely, providing a way for heat to dissipate more readily. This helps keep the temperature of the system lower, allowing it to be more efficient.

Ease of Access for Cleaning or Repairs

While we have covered the importance of why you need to clean your solar panels before, we largely focused on different ways to clean roof-mounted systems. The reason is because, like anything done on a rooftop, there is a level of danger involved. That is not the case for ground mounted solar panels. They are to be easily cleaned with both feet either solidly on the ground, or with only a step-ladder for assistance. No need to climb on the roof for the regular cleaning.

The same can be said for any repairs to your solar system. While solar panels are designed to withstand even the most inclement weather, just like anything else, there is always a chance that something can go wrong and will need a repair. Whether you will be doing the repair yourself, or hiring an expert to come and assist, the ease of access to all sides of the panel will make the overall repair time much smaller.

Dual-Purpose of Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Whether you’re building on your own personal property, or for a larger commercial lot, such as an apartment complex, solar panels can actually be dual-purposed. Carport solar systems provide a two-in-one solution if you’re looking to go solar, and also looking to provide some protection from the elements for your car. This merge is especially advantageous for those who own electric vehicles.

However, being able to drive a vehicle under the solar panels means they would need to be mounted higher off the ground than your typical ground mounted system. Which leads us to the next and final point.

Construction Costs, Permits, and Space

While ground mounted solar panels may have some advantages, they do come with a few drawbacks. Ground mounted solar panels typically cost more than roof mounted systems. Unlike the roof mounted systems where the primary support structure is the roof of your house, for ground mounted systems, the support structures will need to be built, which leads to higher costs.

Depending on where you live, building a new structure such as this might also require special permits before construction can begin. This is something your solar company can help you determine.

Though ground mounted systems allow you to place your installation in the best location, it also means setting aside that land specifically for the solar system. The amount of land needed will depend on the size of the solar system you wish to install.


While ground mounted solar panels have many upsides such as higher efficiency, ease of access, more freedom on the location and placement of the panels, as well as the potential to be dual-purposed, it is not without any drawbacks. Higher construction costs, special permits, and setting aside the required space are all things to consider when looking at ground mounted solar systems.

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