With the arrival of spring, solar panels have been in the news — for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s because sunnier days make for more electricity produced, or because bird droppings on solar panels are surprising homeowners with decreased efficiency.

If you already have solar panels, it could be a good time for a checkup to make sure they’re working as efficiently as possible. And if you’re still in the market for solar, there are several things to consider when setting out on your solar journey.

Here are 3 ways you can make your solar panels more efficient and keep them functioning at their max efficiency.

Choose the Right Solar Installer

The company you choose to work with does more than just install your solar panels — they become your partner throughout the process of design, install, and maintenance. Which means that getting it right, with the solar installer selection process, is of utmost importance if you want to make sure your solar panels function efficiently throughout the life of your system.

Working with a local solar company can often yield better results than working with a large, national chain. Unfortunately, if you hire a national solar installer, you may be taking a chance on the quality of your solar project.

Large companies often strive to meet higher profit margins. As a result, in order to make a higher profit, companies may use cheaper, lower-quality materials on their systems. Local solar companies, on the other hand, more often take a different approach to pricing – we want you to be satisfied with both the price and the quality of your installation!

Local solar providers are more likely to care about the work they do since it is personal to us. Our high-quality materials, installation teams, and customer satisfaction standards mean that you’re always getting 110% from us. We’ll get to know you and be by your side from the very beginning of your solar project. To the end. And into the future. Your happiness is personal to us.

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Just like everything needs a good cleaning every once in a while, your solar panels are no exception.

The majority of the dirt on your panels is most likely just dust. However, it may have a bigger impact than you think. According to the findings of a study conducted by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, dirty solar panels could produce 30% less energy than clean panels.

While dust and dirt problems may be worse in arid areas of the country, such as the Southwest, those of us in Kansas City are familiar with the unpredictable nature of Midwest weather. Dirt may not accumulate as quickly, but it is still a factor to consider. Especially if you’ve had your solar panels for a long time without cleaning them.

But there are other reasons your solar panels need to be cleaned occasionally. Have you ever woken up to find your front yard hidden by a barrage of orange and yellow leaves during autumn? Or returned to your car after work to find it covered in bird droppings? The same thing can — and will — happen to your solar panels.

Of course, leaves aren’t difficult to sweep away from your solar panels. But those bird droppings we mentioned earlier? They can cause major issues.

Not only can bird poop prevent the sun from reaching certain parts of your panels, but it can actually cause long-lasting damage. Bird droppings that sit on solar panels for too long without being cleaned may leave a permanent imprint that can’t be removed.

Just remember: When it’s time to clean your solar panels, don’t use soap. Read our best tips for cleaning your solar panels.

Monitor Your Solar Panels Regularly

Besides choosing the right company for your solar project and keeping your solar panels clean, how else can you ensure your system is working at its most efficient level? Here’s where solar panel monitoring apps come in.

Using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, keeping an eye on certain indicators and metrics can help you maximize your systems performance. It can also identify problems with your system that you might otherwise miss. And of course, help you save money throughout the process.

There are so many solar panel monitoring apps on the market, you’re certain to find one that helps you track the essential information you’re looking for.

Some apps not only track energy production, but also energy consumption, energy imports from and exports to the rest of the grid, panel temperatures, and other more advanced monitoring features. Studies have shown that using certain third party monitoring systems can help solar owners increase their production by 14%. This is because they are able to detect faults or issues sooner, and get the problems rectified much quicker.

Some monitoring solutions also track the ambient temperatures outside, as well as the current weather conditions. Then, that information is used to set benchmarks for expected energy production based on historical data.

This allows solar panel owners to be able to quickly determine if there is a deviation from what they are expecting to see. They can then quickly identify that there is a problem, and potentially what is causing the problem. Meaning your solar panels can get back to working at peak efficiency — even sooner.

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