As technology improves, people have become more aware of how much energy they use. They have also become more aware of where their energy is coming from. Add in that people want to reduce their carbon footprint. All of these factors combined are leading people and energy companies to go green. People are doing this by reducing their overall amount of energy used. Or if they are able to, installing solar panels. Energy companies are taking a different approach, such as Evergy’s Solar Subscription program they began.

Energy companies are incentivized to do this for many reasons. Not the least of which is by installing large fields of solar panels, they can greatly reduce their future expenditures. With free and relatively maintenance free solar power, they too can save money. And delivering that green energy to their customers who also want to reduce their carbon footprint is a win-win.

What Solar Options Exist with Evergy

As with any energy company in the US, incorporating private solar panels is part of the business now. In fact, they might be a part of the approval process for getting solar installed on your own home. This is one of the solar options available with Evergy.

The other option is to join Evergy’s Solar Subscription Program. Though Evergy’s motives have been called into question before, they make an offer that may be enticing to some. Today we will weigh out some of the pros and the cons of Evergy’s Solar Subscription program.  While the lists below are definitely non-exhaustive, they can hopefully help you determine whether joining this program is the right move for you.

Pros of Evergy Solar Subscription Program

  1. Not everyone has their own roof or enough land to install solar panels for themselves. That does not mean that apartment residents don’t want to go green. Evergy’s Solar Subscription program is one avenue for Evergy customers to be more ecologically conscious. It also allows them to do this on a consistent basis, building it in as a percentage of their overall usage.
  2. The program is linked to your Evergy account, not your property. This means you can move and still get the benefits of utilizing Evergy’s Solar program.
  3. By subscribing to the program, you can gain a level of price stability in your energy pricing. When you subscribe to the program, you choose anywhere between 5-20 years to lock in that rate for. This means regardless of what the rest of the energy market does over that period of time, that portion of your bill will always be the same.
  4. You are able to ‘go solar’ with no pricey install or maintenance of solar panels yourself. It is as simple as applying and getting approved. Once approved, you will start seeing the ‘Solar Subscription’ charge on your monthly bill.

Cons of Evergy Solar Subscription Program

  1. The “locked in rate” you get will actually cost more at current rates than typical energy price. While Evergy estimates only a $5-15 increase – that is per share. Each share will only cover a small portion of your overall consumption. Typically a share is about 150kWh/month, which is roughly 15% of an average residential customers usage. This means the more of your energy you wish to offset, the more expensive it will be. The more shares you buy, the larger percentage of your overall consumption you offset. The more shares you buy also means the higher the price to you.
  2. Evergy makes it sound as though installation and maintenance are expensive. Typically installations are financed and that return on investment covers the cost. This combined with tax incentives means the most all costs are offset. Maintenance is also negligible. A lot of solar panels are warrantied for 25 years. So if something does go wrong, it is likely covered. And aside from a little bit of cleaning, there is no other maintenance necessary.
  3. If you do own property, you are missing out on the opportunity to increase your property value. Instead, by subscribing to Evergy’s Solar Program, you are subsidizing their solar panels, rather than your own. This means you’re missing an easy avenue for a higher return on investment for your property.
  4. The other return on investment you’re missing out on is the benefits of net metering. This is when you produce more power than you use. When this happens, Evergy will actually pay you money.

There are certain scenarios when utilizing Evergy’s Solar Subscription program makes sense. Primarily if you are an apartment resident and want to reduce your carbon footprint. Or if you move around a lot. Though this is only applicable if you continue to move within Evergy’s power grid. If you move outside of that zone, this benefit is moot.

However, if you own a home, it’s likely you don’t fall into either of these categories. In which case, the pros of the program likely don’t outweigh the cons. But each person’s situation is different, so it is worth examining more in depth with a professional in the solar industry.

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