What do you do when your solar company shuts down? Unfortunately, this is a problem that many solar customers have faced. It’s not uncommon, as the highly competitive nature of the solar business means that new companies are always working to gain a foothold in the industry. And the biggest recent news on this front is that ADT Solar, a subdivision of popular home security system ADT, has shut down.

ADT Solar undoubtedly won over many customers as a result of their trusted name brand. But shutting down ADT Solar means that thousands are scrambling to figure out what’s next, and what it means for their solar panels.

Keep reading to learn more about the situation with ADT Solar, what to do if your solar company goes out of business, and how we can help.

The Short Life of ADT Solar

ADT entered the solar industry in 2021 after purchasing SunPro Solar for an estimated total value of $825 million. And thus the solar branch was renamed ADT Solar. While it only operated in nine states as of late 2023, it had a solid foothold in several large markets throughout the country, including Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, Miami and Phoenix. And it even operated here in Kansas City!

But at the beginning of 2024, ADT announced that it was closing its solar division. As of March 2024, it’s been completely shut down. The lasting message to customers is as follows:

“ADT stands behind the products we sell and our work. We back up this conviction with strong warranties that help protect our customers. Regardless of ADT’s change in strategic direction, our commitment and follow through on the 25-year limited Workmanship Warranty and 25-year Power Production Guarantee we have provided in our contracts will remain in place. Please contact your manufacturer if you have any questions about your manufacturer’s warranties on your equipment.”

What You Can Do if Your Solar Company Goes Out of Business

If your solar panels need some work and find yourself in a situation where your solar company goes out of business — whether it’s ADT Solar or another business — start researching reputable local solar companies for assistance. Most solar companies, such as KC Solar, typically offer maintenance services for a one-time fee and can address any issues you may have with your solar system.

When selecting a company, prioritize those with a proven track record of stability, having weathered financial challenges in the market. Consider reviewing positive feedback on platforms like Google and Yelp, or better yet, seek recommendations from previous customers. This type of research can help identify companies poised for long-term success and steer clear of those potentially facing financial instability within the next 12-18 months.

In the event that your installer has been acquired by a larger entity, reaching out to the new company may provide a straightforward solution. Determine if they are continuing operations and capable of fulfilling your service needs.

Alternatively, contacting the customer service line of your inverter or module manufacturer can be beneficial. Many solar products come with warranties, regardless of the installer. Depending on the remaining warranty duration, the manufacturer may offer the necessary maintenance support.

It’s worth noting that panel warranties have recently been extended to 25 years, while materials coverage may only last 10 years. If your warranty has expired, investing in a complete replacement may be necessary to ensure the continued proper functioning of your system.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Investment

While you can’t plan for every situation, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you’re really covered in almost any scenario when it comes to your solar panels.

First, you could consider getting insurance for your solar installation. Most insurance companies are willing to insure renewable energy systems in homes. This will cover most panel repairs and damage caused by external factors.

Also, if you’re worried about the length of your warranty, buying an extended warranty could help offset the cost of future repairs. This can especially help with needed items between 10-25 years. Buying a third-party extended warranty offers peace of mind and protection from any part of the chain going out of business.

Note: If both your installer and manufacturer go out of business, you may be at risk of losing all warranty protections you had previously. This is why third-party protections can be very helpful.

ADT Solar Customers: Let KC Solar Become Your New Solar Teammate

We are here to provide the most effective and powerful service we can. It can be extremely stressful and overwhelming when the solar company you trusted has suddenly disappeared and is unreachable, but KC Solar can guide you through the process.

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