Many people take a great deal of pride in their homes, and with good reason. Our homes are where we cultivate the lives we’ve built for ourselves, and we want the exterior of our homes to reflect that. So if you’re thinking about switching to solar energy, you may be worried about the aesthetics. Do good-looking solar panels exist?

Solar panels may have a bad reputation in the looks department. But as the solar industry has continued to evolve, so have the capabilities to design a solar system that fits your needs – and not only from an efficiency standpoint. In fact, it’s never been easier to find great examples of rooftop solar panel installations that seamlessly blend into the roof tiles.

As you consider making the switch to renewable energy for your home, don’t be discouraged by the idea of “ugly” solar panels. We’ll walk you through the options for installing a high-efficiency, good-looking solar panel system.

Black and Blue

There are many different types of solar panels on the market, even just from an aesthetic perspective. The two most prominent solar panel colors are blue and black. helps explain the reason for the difference in color. Blue solar panels appear that way due to the type of silicon – polycrystalline – that is used in creating the solar cells. An anti-reflective coating helps improve the capacity and efficiency of the solar panels.

Black solar panels, on the other hand, are monocrystalline. For this reason, black panels are often more naturally efficient because black surfaces absorb light more easily. Monocrystalline solar panels can also generate more power because they come in higher wattage modules as well. Many homeowners prefer black solar panels because they blend in with dark roof shingles more easily.

And after that, there’s the issue of frame color. Generally, you can find solar panel frames in black and silver. Just like with black solar panels, most people prefer the look of black frames. Compared to silver frames, there’s no difference when it comes to efficiency or quality.

At KC Solar, we use monocrystalline, all-black panels with all-black frames for a consistent look. You won’t find silver frames or multiple shades of blue on our systems. We want you to be completely satisfied with your solar power system – from both an aesthetic and efficiency standpoint.


By now you may be thinking that black or blue solar panels with black or silver frames are your main options. And while that may be partially true, there’s more to the story when it comes to solar panel appearance and design.

If you really want your solar panels to blend in, check out SolarSkins by Sistine Solar. SolarSkins are “the world’s only solar designed to blend in.”

“Designed by MIT engineers, SolarSkin is an aesthetic overlay that transforms the look of any solar panel. It can make the panel blend in with a homeowner’s roof – no matter what color, pattern, or style. Or it can convert it into a branding asset for businesses, an advertising medium for marketers, signage for street furniture, a canvas for an artist… the possibilities are endless. Welcome to 21st century solar.” – SolarSkins

Not only can SolarSkins help you transform the look of your solar panel system, they also can act as an additional layer of protection for your system. They’ve been tested at the world’s premier solar labs and are designed to last while boosting your home’s value at the same time. They’ve even helped some customers gain approval for solar installation from their homeowners associations, many of which have strict aesthetic standards.

And if blending in isn’t your thing, you can choose any design you want. Maybe you feel like showing your patriotism with an American flag. Or perhaps an ode to the Super Bowl LIV Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. With SolarSkins, the choice is yours.

More Than Aesthetics

No matter where you look, you’re certain to find plenty of examples of solar panel installations. Some might be ugly, and others may be really good-looking solar panels in your opinion.

But remember that solar panels are more than just their looks. In addition to the positive environmental impact of solar power, there are financial benefits as well. By switching to solar energy, you can drive down or eliminate your electric bill and see a full return on investment (ROI) in about 8-10 years.

In Kansas City, the average solar customer can save an average of $1,535 per year. And a solar panel system can even increase your home’s value for the future, like having a renovated kitchen or finished basement.

If you still think solar panels are ugly, think of them as green. Green for the environment… or green as in the color of money. In your pocket.

KC Solar Works for You

With all the different solar companies on the market, it’s important to find someone you trust in making your solar dreams come true.

With KC Solar’s monocrystalline, all-black panels, you can be sure you’re getting the most consistent look for your solar roof. And we also integrate with SolarSkins so you can get the right look for your home.

We offer the best pricing in the industry and the best start to finish installation in the country. We pride ourselves on managing each detail of your project with one of the owners signing off on it before it passes to the next stage.

If you are looking for the best solar company in Kansas City, look no further than KC Solar. They are your local Kansas City solar panel installation experts. Once you schedule a no-pressure site visit, our experts will help you understand what solar system specifications would be best for your home or business.

KC Solar is the only local solar company in Kansas City with KC natives who own and operate the daily activities of the business. What does that mean for you? We care about you because we care about this city, and we only want the best for it.

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