Home solar panels in the Kansas City metropolitan area are more popular than ever before. Solar panels provide many benefits to homeowners – from lower monthly energy bills, to total energy independence, to impacting the environment in a positive way.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to solar panels for your home, it’s important to consider several factors as well as understand the solar landscape in the Kansas City area. As well as find the best solar company in Kansas City. Keep reading to find out more about getting solar panels in KC, no matter where you fall along the state line.

The Cost of Home Solar Panels in Kansas City

As you consider installing solar panels, cost may feel like a prohibitive factor. Even if you’re set on the idea, you may be hesitant about making the investment. 

The average cost for a solar panel system installation in the Kansas City, Missouri, area is between $3 to $5 a watt. Depending on energy usage and the size of the installation, that can typically range anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000.

These numbers include all necessary equipment, such as the solar panels themselves and the cost of labor for installation. However, these numbers do not take into account the potential thousands of dollars in savings that may be available to you in the form of government rebates or incentives – in fact, Missouri residents will have more luck in this area.

So try not to let the sticker shock keep you from investigating your solar options. In addition to government incentives, many solar companies provide options for financing your solar panels. At KC Solar, we offer 0% down solar loans, and we can work with you even if you have a low credit score.

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Kansas City Solar Panels Return on Investment

Though having solar panels installed does require an initial investment, the idea is that your solar panels will pay for themselves over time. For solar systems installed in the Kansas City area, the typical ROI for solar is about 8-10 years. However, this time period may vary based on many different factors, including your individual solar system and where you live.

Remember that after that time period, your solar power system will have paid for itself entirely; any money you save from then on goes straight into your pockets. And solar panels last much longer than 8-10 years. In fact, most of them come with a 25-year warranty, though many new systems being installed today are expected to keep producing solar energy for the next 30-40 years

So, how much can you save by switching to solar in Kansas City? A solar customer in Kansas City, MO, can expect to save an average of $27,522 over 20 years. In Overland Park, KS, those savings could rise to $35,724 over 20 years.

Say goodbye to unpredictable electricity bills, and say hello to energy-efficient, cost effective solar panels that will save you money in the long run.

Government Incentives and State-Specific Rebates

Not only will you be saving money by switching to solar, but government incentives for renewable energy can help remove some of the financial burden when it comes to paying for your new solar system. And it turns out that where you call home can even make a difference.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Regardless of where you live, everybody qualifies for the Federal Income Tax Credit, as long as you’re a U.S. taxpayer. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) gives new solar installers 26% back on the cost spent on their system in 2020. 

If you spent $10,000 on your solar system, for example, you’d get $2,600 back from the government when you file your taxes next year. If you owed the IRS $2,600 in taxes, you’d now owe $0. 

If your solar system cost you more, you would save more; if it cost you less, you would save less. If you owe less to the IRS than the amount of your tax credit, then you’d roll over that remaining credit into following tax years, as long as the tax credit is still in effect.

Keep this in mind: the tax credit percentage will be lower after 2020, so install your solar system as early as possible to receive the most financial benefits.

Missouri Solar Rebate

Lucky for Missouri residents – in all counties across the state – Missouri offers an additional rebate for new solar customers. 

Missouri’s Senate Bill 564, which was passed in 2018, mandates solar rebates for solar systems that become operational through December 31, 2023. The rebate applies to new or expanded solar electric systems and is limited to up to 25kW per system for residential solar customers.

A 25-cent per watt ($0.25/W) rebate is available for solar systems that became operational after June 30, 2019 and new systems that are installed through December 31, 2023.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit the Missouri Division of Energy and find specific information from your utility company. 

Unfortunately for those on the Kansas side, Kansas doesn’t currently offer any specific rebates for its residents. Though as the solar landscape continues to change and become more pronounced in the United States, this could always change in the future.

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