This weekend, one of the most-anticipated matchups of the 2023 NFL season is taking place: our hometown team and reigning Super Bowl Champions the Kansas City Chiefs, against AFC powerhouse and former Chief Tyreek Hill’s Miami Dolphins.

With both teams at 6-2, it could be a preview of a playoff matchup to come. And on top of all the excitement, the teams will be playing one of the NFL’s international games in Frankfurt, Germany, on Sunday, November 5.

Evergy Outage Planned For Sunday Morning

While the 8:30 a.m. kickoff means Chiefs fans will need to wake up earlier than usual to catch the game — maybe with a coffee in hand rather than a beer — there’s one problem for a local town of Chiefs fans in Odessa, Missouri: a planned Evergy outage means their homes are going to be without electricity at gametime.

Let us draw your attention to one key word there: planned. This power outage isn’t one that happens as a result of bad weather, which would make a lack of electricity at game time an inconvenience, but still nothing more than bad luck. No, Kansas City local company Evergy decided that midnight-12 p.m. on November 5 — which is the only Sunday that the Chiefs play between those hours all season — was the best time for repair to a transmission line.

Needless to say, fans aren’t happy with Evergy’s decision. According to one resident: “But the timing, apparently they don’t pay any attention to what goes on in the world because their timing is miserable.”

So, Chiefs fans, what can you do to ensure you’re never left without power at gametime?

Stop Relying On Evergy and Install Solar Panels

One way to ensure you never miss a snap — whether it’s Mahomes Magic or a Chris Jones Sack — is to break up with the power grid entirely and start making your own electricity. And solar can help you do that.

When you choose to go solar, it means you’re no longer depending on the main electricity grid to provide you with power at all times.

Not only will your solar panels allow you to operate independently of the main power grid, but they also can store excess energy generated by solar panels in batteries, which can be used during periods of low sunlight or power outages. These batteries act as a backup power source, ensuring a continuous supply of electricity even when the grid is down.

Solar panels, which are durable and can withstand various types of severe weather, promote distributed energy generation. This means power is generated closer to the point of consumption.

This reduces reliance on centralized power plants and long-distance transmission lines, which can be vulnerable to outages caused by severe weather or accidents.

And you’ll also be protected next time Evergy doesn’t read the room and schedules a power outage during one of the most hotly-contested matchup of the season.

How Battery Backup Systems Help During Power Outages

It’s important to understand that, during a power outage, solar panels actually do not continue working as normal. Which means that, in order to be covered during power outages, you need to plan ahead and ensure you have some sort of backup system. In most cases, battery storage systems are the best option.

When you use a home battery backup system, your solar panels function as a self-contained energy hub for your residence, ensuring uninterrupted access to the energy generated by your solar system.

And when in the event of a power outage — no matter the reason — your solar panels remain operational, channeling excess energy to charge the battery. Then, the battery seamlessly channels the required power back into your home, mirroring the functionality of an off-grid system, where solar energy charges the batteries and batteries supply power to the household.

With a home battery system in place, your solar panels remain active even during outages. Many modern batteries these days offer advanced energy monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track the remaining power in your battery during an outage.

This information empowers you to make informed adjustments, such as conserving energy by dimming lights or postponing the use of high-demand appliances, ensuring both your battery and solar panels continue to sustain your household until the grid is restored.

Never Miss Another Chiefs Game … Let’s Go Solar

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