Don’t think you have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home for your commitment to renewable energy. Solar panel integrations can come standard and look like you would expect. We’ve explored how solar panels can be attractive in part 1 of our series. But let’s look at some examples of the best solar homes. They show creativity and can brighten up the home in a big way.

A Pretty Patio with Creative Solar Panel Shading

“Why not use your solar panels as additional shade for your home?” Justen Beers, a Las Vegas realtor, asks. This imaginative solution creates a lovely outdoor space that’s incredible color choices seamlessly integrates the panels into the home.

With panel colors restricted to blue and black, this example is right in pairing the dark wood and lighter tones that opens up the space and still keep the structured and industrial vibe.

Your sustainable choices can be a statement instead of something you hide!

Leaning into Angles for Best Solar Home

This house embodies the geometric, modern aesthetic through and through — making the addition of renewable energy structures look chic and upscale. We can walk you through the optimal positioning of your panels on your home to deliver high-efficiency and good looks.

A Less Bulky Solution

Much like Solar Skins we offer, this roof tile look of solar panels are designed to blend in and give the appearance of a regular roofing structure. If needing the panels to work for your home rather than designing around them, a choice that blends in may be the best option!

The tile shape in this example could also contribute a “cottage” or English-style home aesthetic. So, even if you’re needing the panels to disappear, there are choices available to you that can speak well of your home even in a subtle way.

Rustic Cabin Vibes with a Side of Sustainability

This cabin integrated the panels into its heavy angles and dark wood accents in the best way. The material mixing of stone, brick and wood all speak to the personality of the home, which is even more buoyed by the commitment to renewable energy.

The frame of the home has all the right angles for high-efficiency power and even continues the angular theme throughout the rest of the house as well. The overall composition is balanced and cohesive despite the difference in colors and materials used.

Solar Sun Roof

Solar isn’t always meant for the roof! Using a glass structure and frame to highlight the panels, but inside the house speaks loudly of your love for sustainability by committing an entire room to it.

Can we make solar rooms replace sun rooms? Sounds like a lovely statement to make while brightening a gorgeous relaxing space in your home.

Open Up the Spaces

A lot of homes can look ugly with solar panels because they have a chronic lack of open space. Having a fairly closed off space in general and then adding more bulk to it can make the whole home slightly claustrophobic to look at.

This example exudes openness with its mostly glass outer appearance and lighter color materials. This makes the addition of the bulkier solar panels not seem out of place but rather, a welcome addition to the home.

If you’re afraid of losing privacy with all this glass, don’t worry. There are happy mediums that can be achieved!

A Tiny Home Example

This tiny home with solar roofing is incredibly admirable. This is a big commitment to reducing waste and it does not sacrifice aesthetics in the slightest. Pairing the dark solar panels with light wood choices and an intense amount of plants makes the entire home feel comfortable and high-powered.

KC Solar can work with any home and provide you the tools to make the best decisions.

Warm and Efficient

This home is a great example of color-matching your way to integrating your solar panels. While the panels themselves are restricted to blue and black, having a colored roof underneath that matches with another part of the house makes the entire structure cohesive and seem planned.

Having interesting color combinations is a bold choice as well — one that may actually steal the focus from the panels themselves which may be another tactic in hiding your choice of solar power within your home.

Different Styles of Homes

Here’s a choice that shows that solar panels can work with any style of home. Dream of living amongst Spanish architecture with brilliant, open courtyards but still need to find eco-friendly pathways? We can do that!

Solar panels are becoming more and already are more prevalent in many countries and cultures. There’s no reason to put off energy efficiency because of taste. Those two can share the spotlight.

Some Suburban Solar Panel Tastes 

And finally a reminder that solar works with any homes in any neighborhood. The heavy use of blue in this house matches with the color of the panels. The clearly open areas inside gives a streamlined aesthetic overall. And the warm lights inside are a sweet contrast to the cool exterior.

KC Solar Works According to Your Needs 

When you commit to solar, it’s important to keep in mind your tastes and let us know what those needs are. Whether you’re looking to design a new home around solar or integrate solar into your existing one, we can provide the best options for you to consider. And then one of the best solar homes, will be your home.

If you are looking for the best solar company in Kansas City, look no further than KC Solar. They are your local Kansas City solar panel installation experts. Once you schedule a no-pressure site visit, our experts will help you understand what solar system specifications would be best for your home or business.

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