Kansas, often considered a flyover state, may not be at the forefront of the solar revolution, but the Sunflower State is full of potential that is capturing the attention of solar enthusiasts.

Keep reading to learn why Kansas, with its abundant sunlight, is an ideal location for solar panel installations, and why you should partner with local Kansas solar companies.

Potential for Kansas Solar Panels

Kansas experiences a generous amount of sunshine throughout the year, a crucial factor when contemplating the feasibility of solar panels. With the number of annual sunny days, Kansas surpasses many states in the country. This abundance of sunlight ensures a consistent and reliable energy source, optimizing the efficiency and energy output of solar panels. Additionally, the state’s geographic location contributes to high solar irradiance, a key factor in designing and optimizing solar energy systems.

Solar irradiance, measuring the amount of solar energy received per unit area, is vital for assessing the potential energy production and efficiency of solar panels. And fortunately for Kansas homeowners, Kansas enjoys favorable solar irradiance conditions. Additionally, it allows for the space needed for the installation of utility-scale solar farms, as well as solar systems on residential and commercial property.

Since that open land is generally made up of fields, not forests, there’s no shade or other obstructions that could hinder solar performance. Sounds like another win for Kansas!

Incentives for Kansas Solar Panels for Homeowners

There are several incentives for getting solar panels in Kansas, and finances are a big one. First, homeowners can benefit from the federal Residential Clean Energy Credit, which was part of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act.

With the Clean Energy Credit, you can  subtract 30% of the cost of installing solar heating, electricity generation, and other solar products from your federal taxes. The credit will be available for about a decade, which means homeowners have plenty of time to consider their solar installation options.

Here’s how it works. From now until 2032, if you install solar equipment on your house, you are eligible to be compensated 30% of the total amount. Whether that’s $10,000 or $100,000, you will receive a nonrefundable credit to apply to your federal icon taxes.

With that in mind, homeowners will need to start their Kansas solar installation as soon as possible to be eligible.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Local Kansas Community

Making the switch to solar energy in Kansas extends beyond financial savings for homeowners. By going solar, Kansans can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future for themselves and their communities. Solar panels, when coupled with battery storage systems enhance community resiliance during power outages, ensuring essential services and appliances remain functional.

The solar industry’s growth in Kansas has led to increased job opportunities, benefiting both the local economy and providing valuable skills training in the renewable energy sector. Kansas is home to a thriving ecosystem of solar installers, manufacturers, and suppliers, fostering a competitive market that offers diverse options for solar energy needs.

Why To Choose Among Kansas Solar Companies

Choosing to collaborate with local Kansas solar companies not only ensures a quality product, but it also strengthens the community. Local solar companies are likely to offer you better prices (often 10% lower than larger brands) and prioritize customer satisfaction. Unlike national solar installers, local companies provide a personalized, customized solar system tailored to the specific needs of the homeowner.

Choosing a local Kansas solar company is an investment in the community, as these companies are committed to providing green, renewable energy and lower electric bills for their neighbors. Supporting local businesses ensures that money stays within the community, contributing to its economic growth. Many local solar companies source materials from other local businesses, amplifying the positive impact on the community.

By opting for a local Kansas solar company, homeowners not only benefit from a reliable solar solution but also actively contribute to the well-being and prosperity of their community.

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