Missouri may not be known for being on the cutting-edge of the solar revolution, but the Show-Me State has plenty of potential that solar customers are starting to notice.

Keep reading to learn more about why “flyover country” could be the perfect place to install solar panels, and why to work with local Missouri solar companies.

Potential for Missouri Solar Panels

The state of Missouri receives a lot of sunshine throughout the year, which is pretty much the first thing you want to consider when deciding whether solar panels are right for you. On an annual basis, Missouri has about 200 sunny days per year — higher than in many other areas of the country.

This abundance of sunlight guarantees a steady and dependable energy source, which in turn optimizes the effectiveness and energy output of solar panels. On top of that, Missouri’s location in the U.S. also provides another benefit: a high level of solar irradiance.

Solar irradiance refers to the amount of solar energy received per unit area. This data is important for designing and optimizing solar energy systems, as it helps determine the potential energy production and efficiency of solar panels in a specific location. All this to say… we’ve got that good solar irradiance here in Missouri.

And besides all that sunlight, Missouri has plenty of available land in suburban and rural areas, providing opportunities for large-scale solar installations. It allows for the space needed for the installation of utility-scale solar farms, as well as solar systems on residential and commercial property.

Since that open land is generally made up of fields, not forests, there’s no shade or other obstructions that could hinder solar performance. Sounds like another win for Missouri!

Incentives for Missouri Solar Panels for Homeowners

There are several incentives for getting solar panels in Missouri, and finances are a big one. First, homeowners can benefit from the federal Residential Clean Energy Credit, which was part of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act.

With the Clean Energy Credit, you can  subtract 30% of the cost of installing solar heating, electricity generation, and other solar products from your federal taxes. The credit will be available for about a decade, which means homeowners have plenty of time to consider their solar installation options.

Here’s how it works. From now until 2032, if you install solar equipment on your house, you are eligible to be compensated 30% of the total amount. Whether that’s $10,000 or $100,000, you will receive a nonrefundable credit to apply to your federal icon taxes.

On top of the federal tax credit, the state of Missouri also currently offers a rebate for solar systems becoming operational through the end of 2023. The rebate applies to new or expanded solar electric systems. It is limited to up to 25kW per system for residential solar customers.

In addition, a 25-cent per watt ($0.25/W) rebate is available for solar systems that became operational after June 30, 2019 and new systems that are installed through December 31, 2023.

With that in mind, homeowners will need to start their Missouri solar installation as soon as possible to be eligible.

Benefits of Missouri Solar Panels for the Community

The benefits of going solar in Missouri extend beyond just homeowners saving money on their energy bills. By switching to solar, Missourians can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future for themselves and their communities.

Solar panels can also enhance the resilience of communities during power outages. When paired with battery storage systems, solar energy can provide a reliable source of power, ensuring that essential services and appliances remain functional even during grid disruptions.

Additionally, the solar industry is a major source of job growth, and Missouri has seen a surge in solar-related employment opportunities. This not only benefits the local economy but also provides valuable skills training for workers in the renewable energy sector.

Missouri is also home to a thriving ecosystem of solar installers, manufacturers, and suppliers. This robust industry ensures a competitive market, providing homeowners and businesses with a wide range of options for their solar energy needs.

Why To Choose Among Missouri Solar Companies

In a similar vein, choosing to work with local Missouri solar companies is a way to ensure you’re getting a great product while also strengthening your community.

Local Missouri solar companies are likely to offer you better prices (often 10% lower than big brands), provide better customer satisfaction, and even put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your solar project.

Working with a local Missouri solar company means that you’ll get a 100% personalized, customized solar system for your home. Unlike national solar installers, which may be more interested in applying a cookie-cutter solar solution in order to do the least amount of work, your local solar company will be on the ground with you to create the best solar system for you.

Just as your local solar company sees their work as an investment into your community — providing green, renewable energy and lower electric bills for our neighbors — choosing to hire local companies ensures that your money stays within your community, making the local economy stronger. That money can be reinvested into the community in so many different ways.

And many local solar companies source their materials from other local companies, which means you’re making an impact in more ways than one.

KC Solar Is Your Local Missouri Solar Company

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