When making a big decision, such as whether to go solar or not, doing your own research is always valuable. Oftentimes that includes asking family or friends about their experience going through that same decision making process.  This is easy to do when finding a reputable dealership or repairman. However, making the switch to solar still has a ways to go before it is that commonplace.

We talked with KC Solar customers after they made the switch to solar. Asking three basic questions, we let them describe as much (or as little) as they wished. Our goal is for you to glean information from their experiences.

The answers below come from three KC Solar customers: Jim, Randie, and the Mangels.

Why Did You Decide to Get Solar Panels?

Jim: He believes in doing everything we can to protect our air, soil, and water. For his family, utilizing renewable energy when possible has always been in the game plan.

Last June the electric company raised their rates, is becoming more common. Combine that with the solar tax credits expiring, and he knew it was time to make the switch.

Randie: Randie and her husband went solar because they didn’t want to have to worry about rising electric bills later in life.

Mangels: After purchasing a house in rural Kansas and seeing the previous owner’s electric bills, they described them as “outrageous.” Combined with watching natural gas prices explode over the winter in Texas, they knew they had to do something. They like the idea of insulating themselves from those kinds of price fluctuations, as well as becoming more self-sufficient.

What Has Your Experience With Solar Been Like?

Jim: Having only gone solar just a few months ago, he has only received two electric bills. Those two months were “crazy cloudy” in the KC area, according to Jim. Despite that, he has seen his bills drop from over $250/month to just $50/month.

He noted that in the couple of months his system has been running, it has gone down once. This was due to a terrible storm with lots of lightning. The next morning he followed the recommended steps to cycle the system. These steps didn’t work to get his system online again. So he texted Hunter from KC Solar, who was able to help get the system back up and running quickly.

Randie: Randie moved her all electric home to solar over 4.5 years ago. She noted that during the first year they paid barely anything for electricity. As the years went on, they started to pay more. She called Hunter who came over and cleaned their panels. After that, they saw the production rate increase back to where they were originally.

The one thing Randie said she would have done differently is to have had a solar battery installed. However, this was not an option when they had the panels installed years ago.

Mangels: The Mangels noted they have saved an average of $100 on their monthly electric bill. This includes during the overcast and rainy spring months. Their electric bill was averaging $40 per month. Because of their location, the local electric company buys any extra energy generated from their panels. This has earned them anywhere from $20-40 each month, offsetting the monthly bill they receive.

How Was Working With KC Solar?

Jim: Jim initially signed with another solar company who used illegal high pressure sales tactics to get him to sign a contract before they would leave his property. He called and cancelled the next day, but still wanted to make the switch to solar. That’s when he called KC Solar.

He liked the fact that KC Solar is local, as the founders were born and raised in Kansas City. They also proudly continue to call KC home. Jim commented that the installation team did a “really really good job.” He noted that even though they penetrated the roof with the mounting brackets, he has had zero leaks. Even with the crazy storms that briefly knocked his system online, there have been no issues.

Jim has been actively recommending KC Solar to all of his neighbors, and even his doctor!

Randie: Randie had nothing but fantastic things to say about Hunter, Scott, and their team. Similar to Jim, she also commented on how great the installation crew was.

Mangels: The Mangels said that from their perspective, “KC Solar did it all.” From working with the city to the installation. The installation team, they noted, was not only incredibly efficient but also very friendly. While they said using a local company wasn’t initially as important, they said they received a level of attention they likely wouldn’t have received if they had gone with a larger company.


While you might not know anyone personally who has gone solar, we hope our conversations with some of our previous KC Solar customers helps shed some light.

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